The Story

It's really simple - we like building stuff! :)

We like coding, we like web and ecommerce. Put it all toghether and you'll come up with

In a nutshell - will help you sell your digital content. If you're a freelance designer, musician or photographer, chances are - you've already had some experience with selling digital content. Even bigger chances are - for every sell you made, the services you used took quite a portion of your money.

We don't like it!

So, we created an app where customers pay directly to you - the entire amount. That means - you can sell as crazy and making shit load of cash on our app - and pay only for storage on the server. And you don't have to worry about your files - they are safely tucked in on Amazon S3 ;)

Clean & simple!

We've really enjoyed every minute building - hope you will have a blast using it! :)